Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years...

is quickly coming up. Does New Years intimidate anyone else or is it just me? It feels like you need to turn yourself into a better you- scary! I mean, I love New Years- simply because of the champagne and that "new" feeling- but the next day I have this nagging voice in my head saying "get to the gym," "liquid diet," "do the laundry more often," etc. you get the picture right? I have already made out my list of resolutions. I stick to them for awhile- I really do- partly because I am as stubborn as a horse (is that the saying??? :) and partly because they truly are important resolutions.

I won't share the bulk of my resolutions because some of them are embarrassing and who likes to share their flaws? But I can give you a quick summery of them- many include house stuff- like cooking healthier stuff, cleaning the bathrooms more often, etc. Then there are some stupid ones like not parking in the "For expectant mothers" parking spots- although I think that's a crock- excuse me, hands up moms who aren't expecting and who don't have kids under one- does it get ANY easier to load and unload your kids, stroller, diaper bag, etc??? NOPE. (and my hand is raised- so is Maeves) So I really think malls, grocery stores, etc. should have parking spots for anyone who has a kid under the age of 5. I think after all your kiddos are over the age of 5 and you don't need to lug in strollers and diaper bags and blankets, THEN you can park far away and walk your family in. Okay- sorry for the tangent- I feel very strongly about those dang parking spots. Of course I have the typical weight loss resolutions... who doesn't? I guess Nicole Richie... skinny stinker (this is a family blog- I won't use the word I wanted to :) And then I have the "personal" ones that have to do with my anxiety, OCD and "family planning." And thats as far as I'll go with that! :)

Our New Years plans are pretty simple- Ryan gets out of work early tomorrow and we'll go out for dinner with my family- then MY family will set off to see a movie (a new years tradition) and me, Ryan and our mover & shaker will head home. Maybe if we're lucky Ryan and I can RENT a movie and actually stay up for the whole thing :) But I will admit- I am super jealous... when is the last time I saw a movie in a theater you ask? When I was 8 months preggo with our missy- coincidentally it was "Knocked Up." Maybe I should put that on my list of resolutions- to see a movie in a theatre this year :) Back to New Years plans- New Years Day, hubby gets off- YES. I've heard rumors of some football game being shown at my uncles "home theatre." Ryan has hinted he is attending but I'm going to try hard to get him to spend at least SOME of the day with us. New Years night, my family always has a ham dinner- ham is just about the only meat I really like- I mean, I will eat chicken, but I don't enjoy it so much.

Ryan has to work on Friday :( But Saturday, we're heading up to Detroit for our big "New Years" celebration at the Westin. OH have times changed!!!! Two (or was it 3???) years ago I was celebrating New Years in Ann Arbor with friends- don't ask me details, I can barely remember where we went... But this year, since we're not going out for New Years, we're going to ring in the new year a few days later, but at the AWESOME Westin- we're gonna go swimming, eat some good food at the Prickly Pear (or MAYBE "Cheeseburger in Paradise") and celebrate with Maury's famous cupcakes. I'm excited :) Even though we're not getting all fancied up to go out with friends, I am looking forward to THIS New Years more than others.

WELL, as I type this, my mom is walking in my door to watch Maeve for an hour or so- I'm getting my out of control- neanderthal looking eyebrows waxed, and then going grocery shopping. I am trying out a "Deceptively Delicious" meal tonight. Ryan's not so thrilled, but the truth is, this WHOLE family, including M&M Maeve needs to jump on the healthy boat. I will post later tonight on how the meal turned out... :)

Peace out y'all! :)


bree said...

Ash! I still just love your blog.

Someday when I have internet that is faster than the sick snail pace we have now I will blog and you can teach me how to make it so lively, truthful, and entertaining. And pretty. :)

Have fun this New Year's! I'm jealous of your plans -- I'm going to the aunt and uncle's for game night. ;p haha.

P.S. I regret that I wasn't able to make it last Monday to the Treehouse. Thanks so much for including my cousin, Ann. It is so good for her to hang out with other mommies that she can story-swap and vent to.

Prospero Ano Nuevo! :)
Happy New Year!

Ashley said...

aw thanks Breanna! Yeah I missed ya last week! We should def. get together sometime!
And your new years plans sound great- it sounds like you're a grown up- even though there isn't a baby yet, you've found the "deeper" meaning in the start of a new year- and it doesn't include puking your guts out. :) Family, friends the Lord and love are all you need to start your year off great! Have a fun family game night!!!!! I will post pics of our "westin" destination :)

Mallory said...

k glad youre back to blogging, i was missing it!!!! and I love your mom and mae's picture reading snowmen at night-i have a "big book" of it in my classroom and its a hit among my kiddies :)
wish you could get willlldd in chi with me, but i know youll have a blast with your little family at your favorite hot spot ever--you must be famous at the westin by now!

Ashley said...

oh we are def. famous at the westin- in fact, we're starwood preferred customers! That means penny parking baby!