Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good News.

No Jury duty tomorrow morning! HOOOOOOORAY! Unfortunately, I still have 4 more days left... cross your fingers for me! By the way- I just read the "rules" on being picked as a juror and apparently it is only supposed to be once a year- this is my 2nd time. SO isn't that a violation on their part??? I think so. But the last thing I need is to get in trouble with the courts for not showing up...

On another note- our court house is right next to the YMCA and I am hoping if I do get called down I might be able to hop on over during our "lunch break" and get an exercise in without having to pay for "child watch" for Maeve. That would be exciting!

I am currently taking 3 classes a week there: 2 body pump classes and 1 butts and guts class. I am hoping to healthily lose about 15 lbs. by spring break! Perhaps if I can tone up my tummy enough I might even wear a bikini again... ohhhhhh how I miss those days! I just found this pic of me laying on the beach and got really sad that I may never be able to wear a bikini again... but perhaps with lots of cardio, dieting and that guts class I will???? :) We'll see! But goodness gracious- the havoc that pregnancy reeks on your body is crazy! And my luck, I will tone up and lose all this weight and I will probably be preggo again!

Oh well... these are my child bearing years- I guess I am meant to look like a train wreck! :)




Kase and Jules said...

Ash you look great in BOTH pics you silly girl!! I love the one of you laying out, it's so candid!! Love ya!

Becky said...

oh i so wish i could take classes at a YMCA...I just dont have time with work and church stuff...ugh. maybe one day...:)

Ashley said...

Oh its HARD WORK getting there- I mean the "child watch" rules are ridiculous! They won't change your baby's diaper so if Maeve wets her diaper you get paged down to change it... its stupid. and such a pain in the butt!