Friday, November 28, 2008

A Wagon Is Worth The Wait!

We did it people- we woke up at 4:30 AM, woke Maeve up (sounds cruel I know- but in reality the kid wakes up at 5 anyways!) drove to Starbucks, got armed up with coffee and donuts and drove around for about 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot. I was freaking out- I needed to be IN toys R Us by 5 AM because I was looking for these amazing door busters- a Fisher Price "Go & Grow" giraffe (normally 29.99, marked down to 12.99, and a Fisher Price "Little Mommy" doll, normally 29.99, marked down to 14.99) I was beginning to think this whole idea was a bad one, when around 5:30 we were STILL in the car, driving in circles around the parking lot trying to get a spot. But alas, we found one (and a CLOSE one at that!) and I hustled my way into the chaos. Good thing I did though- it was so exciting! They had all the "doorbuster" deals right in the front and I went through and scooped up anything I thought Maeve would like- that included any and all baby dolls, anything Disney and yes, I found the "Go & Grow Giraffe." YEA! SUCCESS! Then like the seasoned Black Friday shopper I am, (haha just kidding) I told Ryan to stand in line at TRU while I went to Target. FOR SOME REASON, I volunteered to take Maeve- BAD IDEA. She was perfectly content in the stroller at TRU, sipping her bottle and eating her donut, but I decided to be the braver parent and take her with me.
Off we (Maeve & I) went while daddy was stuck in line at TRU. We made our way to the Target wing, and I was surprised to find it nearly empty... I thought for SURE there would be a line to Africa waiting to get in. But nope, there were a few stragglers, waiting to get in, but that was it. So we waited, and waited. I checked the time and it was 6:10- "Hmm... funny- Target was supposed to open at 6-" Well, well, well, come to find out, the MALL entrance wasn't opening till 6:30!!! I started to panic- my dreams of the forty dollar wagon for two was slipping away!!! So I bundled Maeve up (which was the catalyst to Maeves meltdown) and ran (YES RAN- totally could have been one of those crazies on the news) outside- the line to GET INTO Target, was wrapped completely around the building... quickly I made the decision that it was either get in within the next 10 minutes or so (and wait in the freezing cold) or get in, in about 25 minutes and risk the wagons being gone. Sooooo OFF I ran to the end of the line- BTW, you'd think these people would have some sympathy for a lone mom and her child, but heck no. It was like the freaking Serengeti- it was vicious. There was no sympathy for Maeve and I- we were shuffled to the very end of that line. We did get in relatively quickly- about 10 minutes or so... but the entire wait was quite painful- for one, Maeve was screaming bloody murder (probably because of the cold), I was trying to organize my wad of Black Friday ads which had blown out of the bottom of my stroller, and in all the chaos, we lost a blanket and her socks- lovely huh? This was probably the most stressful part of the morning- I was by myself with a screaming banshee (aka my child), I was actually sweating (even though it was 10 degrees out) and my head was swirling from crowds of people. I was also really worried I might never find Ryan again.

Well, we finally made it in- and once in, I was faced with a new challenge: finding a cart. There was a lady with a cart who was trying to handle all her purchases... I went up to her and was said "Are you done with your cart?" And she said "Umm.... I don't know if I can get all this to the car by hand." And I actually said, "Could you try? Because I desperately need this cart- I am trying to get a wagon and I can't carry it- I need a cart!" HAHA I am not sure what had come over me... anyhow, the woman said yes, I could use her cart. I was thrilled- I had a cart in one hand and a stroller in the other- and I was wheeling my way through Target- I am pretty sure I took out some small children on my way back to the bike department, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyways, I got back there and they had probably 6 or 7 wagons left- I snatched one of those things up like it was GOLDDDDDDDD! I was beaming :) I had this giant wagon in my cart, which I was pulling, and I had a stroller that I was pushing. I felt like super mom. haha :) I scooped up the Target doorbusters as well- the "Little People" princess ride on car (originally 29.99- TEN BUCKS!) the talking parrot, "McGraw" for 25, an Elmo laptop for 20, the laugh and learn mower, puppy dog and tool bench (yup got her a tool bench- it was SO COOL! and on sale...)-each laugh and learn thing was on sale for 17.
I do have to say Target was very well stocked and organized. The line moved super quick and everyone was so helpful- there was a situation where I was trying to make my way over to those "Little People" ride on things, and I was STUCK- meaning between me, my stroller and my cart, I couldn't budge through the crowd of people- and one employee came up and asked if I needed help- I told her I was trying to get to the ride on toys and she went and got the princess one for me, put it in my cart and helped push my cart into line. I thought it was really nice of her :)
After I checked out at Target, we regrouped, meaning met up with Ryan, and he brought all of our purchases out to the car.
Then it was off to Kohls- which I was a bit hesitant about as well- I mean the place opened up at FOUR AM!!! What kind of crazies would be lurking in there???? Well, to my pleasant surprise, again, things were well organized and the lines moved fast. I also think I got the deal of the day at Kohls- they had the laugh and learn pony (the one you hook up to your TV) originally 79.99 marked down to 49.99- which is a deal in itself **I had been keeping an eye on the ponies to see if I could find a decently priced one, but they were all over 80 bucks... so I saw it on sale for 49.99 and was thrilled- I snatched it up and headed to the check out- I had a $5.00 coupon (for turning in my email addy a few weeks back) so my total came to be 45 and some change, BUT since I had spent over 50 bucks (I had also bought some presents for my sissys that I can't mention on here because they read this blog...) I got ten dollars in Kohls cash back- so really, the pony that was originally 80 bucks, that was then marked down to 50, was bought for a mere, 35 buckaroos :) (Pony:49.99-10.00 kohls cash=39.99- 5.00 g.card=$35.00) WHAT A DEAL!!!! And the pony is supposed to be some awesome toy that "grows" with them- meaning, it has 3 levels of play- 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. What a good find! :)

Our last stop was Gymboree- yeah somebody just needs to stop me with that- but listen to THIS- everything, EVERYTHING in the store was 30 percent off until noon... I also had a 30% off coupon- I thought this combo deal was too good to be true (60% off???) so I confirmed that I could use my coupon and they said absolutely! :) HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAY!!! I got Maeve 3 winter outfits (from that adorable, I MEAN ADORABLE, ballerina kitty line), a Christmas dress and a few hair accessories for fifty bucks and some change. I also got a gymbuck- yippppeeee!!! :)

After Gymboree, it was breakfast and bedtime- we were a bit concerned that she wouldn't go to sleep... but after a cinnamon bun, some milk and a bath, she zonked right out. In fact, she slept from around 9 to 1!!! AWESOME huh????

What an amazing morning of good deals and fun :) We will most definitely be attenders of future black Fridays- its ridiculous the money you can save by sacrificing a few hours of crowds and lines.

And just for the record, our Christmas shopping is OFFICIALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! WOOOOOOO!!

Another side note- we are in no way financially in a position to spend loads of money on toys- all the toys except for the pony from Kohls were bought with gift cards- My grandma gave us a gift card for Maeves birthday that we specifically saved for Black Friday, and ya'll know my deal with the glade candle/gift card deal at Target. So... good stuff :) Only 90 bucks was spent out of pocket (40 at Kohls and
50 at gymboree...)

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