Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walgreens, Shots and Pots

WALGREENS, Wags, whatever you wanna call it- is truly an amazing store. I scored big today- well again, not as big as Shelby but I was super excited and had to share my news:
SO pampers wipes were on sale- 2 for 5 bucks (originally 2.99 each) I got 4 packs of the 60 count Swipers/Calming Touch (?I think thats what they're called) and then the pampers clean and go 60 count wipes were also on sale 2/5 origionally 2.99 each. SO heres how it all broke down:

6 manufacter coupons for 1.00 of pampers wipes so 2.50-1.00=1.50
1.50 x 6= 9.00 But I also had register rewards for 6 dollars so that brought my total down to 3.67. (9.00-6.00=3 plus some tax)

Ryan worked it out for me and I paid about 61 cents a pack!!!! YEA FOR ME!!!! I would've bought more but I didn't have any more manu coupons left... gotta rebuild my stash I guess. But the wipes should last at least a couple weeks!!

Onto the shots- BLAH. I feel so guilty everytime I take Maeve in for shots, but I truly believe the benefit outweighs the risk. HOWEVER, on the way back from Florida I read an article about Jenny McCarthy's autistic son. She completely blames the MMR shot on his autism. AHHH freaked me the freak out. Because in a few months Maeve is due for hers... Well anyways, today I was scheduled to take her for her 1 year shots (polio, chicken pox) and I almost *ALMOST* didn't take her because of that article I read... but I'm glad I did- I talked to the doctor again (for the millionth time about vaccines) and she said I had to look at the facts- the MMR shot (the "autism" shot) is scheduled to be given at 15 months. The earliest autism can be diagnosed is 18 months- so the timing is coincidental she said, but research shows NO link to autism. She said if we want to find the real answers about autism and its causes, its more likely to be in the processed foods, the chemicals and steroids in our milk and meat, enviornmental toxins, etc. I felt a lot better about the whole vaccination thing after I talked with her. I am STILL on the fence about the MMR shot but I am def. going to stay on schedule with her other shots. It feels good to know she can't get polio, whooping cough, hepatitis, tetanus and all those other horrific conditions. Anyways she got 3 pokes today and she screamed and it was terribly sad. But I got her some ice cream afterwards and all was good again in the world of Maeve.

POTS! Pot PIES that is- I made my first today! HOMEMADE! I am so stinkin' proud of myself! First off I haaaaaate cooking chicken so I overcame that hurdle, and secondly, I spent what seemed like hours (probably just AN hour) washing veggies and chopping. The pie is in the oven right now (its 7:45) and it smells delicious, but I've got a screaming baby who wants her dinner NOW (we've been trying to hold her off by giving her gold fish and cheese), and a husband who is pacing the kitchen and opening the oven door every 2 minutes to see if the dang crust is brown yet. The recipe said it would only take 30 minutes at 350 but we're going on a solid hour here... ugh hopefully it will be worth the wait???

Oh one more thing- I know I totally skipped blogging about Disney- ITS COMING! There is just SO much to write about I haven't really had the time...

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