Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

OH MY GOSH I had such an awful, horribly terrible day yesterday (9/10). Lets start off with me completely smashing into another car... YEAH. I was backing out of my parents driveway and totally caved in the side of this poor womans car. Luckily she wasn't in it, but her car is badly damaged and guess who pays... OH and the whole back of my car is nicely dented.

Then ironically, as I was driving home MY car started smoking out of the hood. It smelled like burning sugar... I made it home and it was still smoking and making this horrible noise. I called Ryan, he came home and took my car in... I need a new radiator fan and a repair in the coolant tank... obviously the rear end needs fixing too.

Also, prayers are needed for a good freind of mine... she's suffered a devestating loss.

Anyways, life is tough right now- but its a LOT tougher for some others. I am thankful and feel completely blessed to have my cranky, teething, HEALTHY daughter.

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