Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just For The Record....

I totally got out of jury duty today. Thanks to a certain little girl... This is what I did: I showed up at 10:00 (when I was scheduled to come in) with my stupid jurer summons in hand and my beauty in my other arm. I was lined up with all these people (nobody had kids with them!) When it was my turn to scan my paper, the lady said "Wooooaaahhhh!" You can't come in here with a baby! And I said "Well I don't do daycare, she's sick so I can't bring her to a friends house and my husband works. So my only option was to bring her." The lady said I could be excused from this week (HECK YESSSSSSSS) BUT I have to come back and make up my week some other time. I was like "Yeah whatever..."

I am SO over being summoned for jury duty!!! It seems like I go through this thing once a year... while my HUSBAND never, ever gets summoned. Hmm...

Well I am happy and excited about the rest of the week (now that I know I won't be sitting in a courtroom). We're going to P.F. Changs for my birthday tomorrow and I have a massage scheduled for Friday!!! :) Oh and a mani/pedi tomorrow... it will be a good day :)

As for my pumpkin, she is sick- soooo that kind of throws everything off. She's got a bad runny nose, a cough and she is cranky as heck. We've gone 2 weeks now where she is waking up about every 3 hours SCREAMING. I took her to the doc. last week and they said she was teething. Here we are a week later, NO signs of teeth. If this doesn't clear up by Friday, I'm taking her back in... On a happier note, she is a walking machine- hardly even falls anymore. Its crazy to have a walker... and makes me long for another newborn :) But we're still waiting a bit on that.

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