Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Welcome You Fall

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE FALL!!!!!!!! It is by far, hands down, my favorite season. Its the best weather, best food and it now includes Maeve & I's birthdays :) YEA! So I was pretty excited to get back to work on Sept. 2nd. Hesitant to leave Maeve (well I don't really LEAVE her...) but not be with her all day I guess...
This is a look at my life now that summer is over:
Monday- Maeve wakes up (usually between 7-8)
Play/Run errands
Lunch @ noon
Nap @ 1 (during her nap I get dinner ready and usually its in the crockpot or something easy to heat up later in the evening.
I have to be at work by 3:30, so sometimes I have to wake Maevers up
Bring Maeve to the studio (my lil sis Emily watches her from 3:30-5)
Daddy picks her up around 5:15
I work until 6:30/7 on Mondays.
Get home around 7, eat dinner, give Maeve a bath, get her in bed by 8.

Tuesday- Tuesdays are a little busy because I have to be at the studio by 10. This means I have to feed Maeve, bathe her, dress her, bathe and dress myself and be out the door by 9:40-ish.
The rest of Tuesday is almost exactly the same as Monday except I only work until 5 :)

Wed-Fri- all the same as Monday, except Thursdays I work until 7:30 :(

Saturdays I work from 10-12.

So that is kind of what our fall schedule looks like. But I think I am going to give a "playgroup" thing another try so we might have that a couple of mornings. (we were just invited again... and now since Maeve is walking I'm hoping she can keep up with the other kids)

This past week went by in a flurry and I am hoping the next several months will fly as well. As much as I love fall, I hate winter- so the quicker winter is over and spring break is here, the better :)

In other news, Maeve is a WALKER now. Not just taking a few steps here in there- she is now walking all over the place, turning around, bending down, standing back up and walking across the living room. Its absolutely crazy! But very exciting :)

She is also becoming VERY vocal. If I say "Noooo." She says "YEAH!" in this really shrill, excited voice. It was really cute the first 100 times or so but now its kind of annoying. She also cut her 4th tooth so I've started brushing the little guys now... I don't use toothpaste- just water, but she bites down on the tooth brush as soon as I stick it in her mouth. But stinky breath and rotting teeth are not going to be in her future so I figure she better get used to a toothbrush.

We also took her to this AWESOME park right here in Jackson- you other "Jackson'ers" are going to call me crazy when I had never heard of this park before, but LOOMIS park in downtown Jackson right by the hospital is about the coolest park ever. It is all wooden and has a rocket ship and a pirate ship and tons of stairs!!!! Which Maeve loves... she goes up stairs like its her job- she's not real great at coming down yet. Besides the threat of being mugged or shot (we ARE talking about the East side of downtown Jackson) it was a beautiful time :) And I want to take her back before the weather gets too cold.

Oooh! Exciting- since Maeve is now walking I had to find a pair of shoes for the kid that she can't take off. She hates shoes, socks, really anything confining, she is not a fan of. But I got a pair of those "Robeeze" shoes (I think thats what they're called) and she loves 'em! She walks great in them and they must be pretty comfy because she doesn't pull at them or anything. It felt very accomplishing to put shoes on her, go out for dinner, and come home with the shoes STILL on her feet.

It is such a good time for garage sales right now :) I actually hate going to them (I always feel like a bum) but I have gotten some awesome deals this past summer. I got this huge rocking zebra- that is in great condition (its in some of my pics on facebook) for 5 bucks. And at that same garage sale I found one of those fabulous wooden toys that has all the balls and twisting pieces of plastic on it (they have them at all doctors offices) anyways she loves it and I have since seen some out at the store for major bucks. So I was proud of my deal :) And just yesterday after work, I was driving home and passed a garage sale so I stopped by and picked up one of those HUGE crab sandboxes. Literally- I had just been looking at those in the Toy House and ON SALE they were going for around 60 bucks. I got Maeves for 5 bucks :) We got some bags of sand last night and filled it up for her and she LOVES it. She actually screamed when we took her out.

And the last thing I'll post about on my week of happenings, is ANOTHER great diaper deal I got today at Walgreens (my new fave. store) The jumbo packs of pampers were on sale for 9.49 (down from 11.99) and I had 4 dollars in register rewards, and 4.50 in manufacturers coupons. SO I got 2 packs of pampers (40 diapers in each) for about 4.50 a pack. I was pleased :) Again, not as good as Shelby's deals but I'm learning!! :)

Well that is all about my week... Here's to a GREAT fall and TONS of birthday, DISNEY, Halloween and turkey fun!!!!!!!!


Becky said...

that's so exciting that Maeve is walking..they are so fun to watch and growing so fast!

You asked me about shoes...Kerith never wore shoes, ever, she just went barefoot everywhere since she wasn't walking so awhile ago I put shoes on her in the house and made a huge deal about it and got her all excited. Then I took them on and off of her several times (i mean, SEVERAL TIMES) because she was curious..then we walked around the house, I showed her my shoes and we took mine on and off and made a big deal at how pretty they were and so she loves shoes now. She keeps them on all the time and whenever we go shopping we have to try shoes on a lot and so that's how I did it. I have no idea if that made a difference in keeping them on or not. :)

Allison said...

awww Maeve got soooo growed up during this time we've beem seperated!!! I can't wait to see her Tuesday! I am SO PROUD of her for walking! Yeah Maeve! We have to talk shoes bc I have been on the hunt for shoes for Madelyn too and I can't find any. I think she has pretty small feet (like her daddy-haha) for her age so they are alwyas out of her size. I think she is just a 2 and there's still room in those. Anyway there are some stride rite's I've had my eye on but they are online so I am scared to go ahead and get them if they will be to wide or something. You'll have to tell me about these ones you got:) I just want some softies for now since she just started crawling. Our girls are getting SOOO BIG!!! okay I'll stop now but I can't wait to see you and Maeve and all her new tricks! Miss you!

The Paulk's said...

LOVE Robeez, they were the only ones that I could get to stay on her feet. Check Amazon too, they are cheaper than in the stores. I got Lincoln some too for the winter :)!