Thursday, September 25, 2008

God Works In Mysterious Ways...

During Maeve's naptime today I was flipping through channels and stopped on one that was showing this mother, Lori who was pregnant with triplets. Me, being insanely interested in pregnancy and babies, stopped to watch it. This story is probably the most incredible, sad and miraculous story I've heard. You should really google it or watch some clips on youtube for the full scoop, but here is my take on it:

Last year, on the way home from a mall Kyle, Katie and Emma Coble were riding in their carseats in the back of their minivan- their mom, Lori was driving. She put on the brakes, and a big rig smashed her from behind. The minivan looked like an accordian. All three kids died- (I was sobbing as I was watching this...)

A few months after the horrific accident, the parents learned that they were expecting TRIPLETS!!! TWO GIRLS AND ONE BOY. Isn't that the most miraculous thing? Of course after I watched the segment on t.v. I googled it and youtubed it- so now my head hurts from crying so much. But I just couldn't believe the story. Anyways, I am blown away by the strength of people, like the Cobles. And hearing and watching such a story makes me want to hold my Maybug a bit tighter.

So often I complain about stupid, silly things, like my dog pooping in the basement- not fun, but not something to be torn up about. I think God puts things in my path (like that tv show) to make me stop and be more thankful for what I have. I know I blog about this kind of thing a lot, but it really is a huge issue for me- being thankful and feeling blessed- I feel like I go through my days with a headache and a schedule- this morning I took Maeve into the doc. again because shes been tugging at her ears- everything was fine, but the doctor said if they don't clear up in a few days she gets 3 shots- I instantly felt sorry for her and myself. Its ridculous how minor things really are in life- and unfortunately until something big hits us, we don't realize our blessings. I am continuing to work on this, being thankful for my life, my husband, my daughter, our health. And looking and finding the WONDERFUL things in my life rather than focusing so much on the little "annoyances" of everyday living.


Barney Family said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean!! Seriously, i think we are lot more similar than i think... I feel the same way, like i complain over the stupidest things and then I see something so much worse and I cant imagine going through that. God has truly blessed me.

john & kristin. said...

saw this on Oprah. cried so hard. squeezed my baby. thanked God for the time i have with him.