Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bikes, Laptops and 2 Years of Bliss

Lovin' on my bug

Ryan showing off on his new bike
Nice butt shot of me; NO I'm not expecting... my sweatshirt was blowing in the wind. :)
Looking pretty shnazy on my bike

*****Just a Note- I posted this awhile ago, but it somehow was incorrectly dated and so it went onto the bottom of the page... So now I am RE-POSTING it :)... but yeah I'm not losing my mind- our 2 year anniversary was last week not tonight.*****
Yea!!! We made it to our 2 year anniversary! Not much when you compare our parents (mine just celebrated their 26th!!!) but still, its quite an accomplishment. Its been a chaotic and crazy two years- a baby, a new house and more adjustments than I could possible count. But with every passing day/month/year, I find myself comprimising and figuring out what I should be, or want to be at least... and what I want to be is an awesome wife and an even more awesome mom. Really- those are my huge aspirations in life... to raise great children and to have a successful, happy relationship with Ryan.

Anyways, to celebrate our 2 year anniversary we decided to go out for dinner at the Beach Bar with my parents and Maeve :) We had an awesome night- good food and surprises- my mom and dad got us brand spankin' new bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!! We had been looking for bikes at garage sales but like always, my parents came through :) And the cherry on top of the bikes, was the baby bike seat for the bug!

Its a perfect green gift- and very economical too... We live pretty centrally- meaning, we have a grocery store, mall, party store all within biking distance... oh and some parks and my parents house. So we've decided on all weather permitting days, we will ride our bikes. And so far, for 3 days, we've stuck to it! We are bike riding maniacs! My butt hurts like nobody's business, but Ryan says it just has to get used to the seat... I hope so.

Oh, so the other big thing in my life right now (besides my bikes and my babes) is my NEW laptop I am typing on right now! It was Ryan's anniversary gift to me :) I feel like Carrie, from "S&TC" sitting here typing... all that's missing is a cigarette and a martini... instead I've got a leaking bottle and a burp cloth. Life with baby :)

To sum up, I feel like the luckiest lady. I have a husband who adores me and a beautiful, healthy babe. Life is good. :)


Kase and Jules said...

Ash congrats! I am celebrating 2 years in September! You and Ry are so sweet and you are a wonderful Mom to Maeve. She is very lucky to have such amazing parents :) I am SOOOOO jealous of the bikes, you have NO idea :)

Kase and Jules said...

Also, where did you get your leggings girlfriend?