Monday, June 16, 2008

Our First Real "Problem"

My annoyed face. :/

Ever since the creation of Maeve, everything about her has been perfect- the Ultrasound, the birth (keep in mind we're talking about MAEVE- the birth was not perfect for me!!! Maeve was a very healthy girl at birth...), all her doctors appointments, etc. Then this past weekend she had the whole breaking out in hives thing... it scared the shizzzz out of me to say the least. Luckily it was a mild reaction to amoxicilin. Lucky is a funny word to use though- the "cillin" group of medicines are awesome meds. and they are now out of the running for Maeve to ever use. I am not allergic to a single medicine out there. So if I ever have to go to the ER or am sick, I've got every option out there... Maeve is 8 months old and we've already encountered medicine problems :(BOO. Her grandpa on Ryan's side has some crazzzy allergies and I am praying, PRAYING I TELL YOU, that she has not inherited any of that nasty stuff. He can't eat seafood, nuts, he has to wear a mask when he cuts the lawn, he's allergic to cats & dogs, lots of stuff. UGH what a pain in the butt... Hopefully this is an isolated incident though and she is fine with foods and stuff.

On a different note, I just had to add in that I, after 24 years of life, have developed an allergy to starch! HAHA!! Really! One day the man and I were eating at Lonestar and I had a sweet potato, bread and french fries... lots of starch... and my mouth, tongue and throat started to tingle and swell! I high tailed it out of there and made Ryan call poison control- I really thought that I had been poisoned by some slimy cook in the kitchen! (Ryan calls me King Louis because apparently KL had this huge fear of being poisoned so he made all his servants or whatever they were test his food before he ate it- I do that SAME THING! I make Ryan try my food out a lot of times at restaurants b/c I have this obsessive fear of being poisoned- hey crazier things have happened!) Anyways, P.Control told me to drink some milk- (I hadn't drank milk in years & years- nasty stuff) so I downed a few glasses and started dry heaving like crazy, all the while my whole face was numb! TERRIFYING! Turns out it was an allergic reaction to starch!!!!! So now a days, I can only have a little bit of starch each day. I still get that numb feeling if I eat too much (too much is like a whole potato!) Anyways, kind of a pain in the butt...

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Kase and Jules said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, you are so freakin funny Ash! :)