Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OOOOOH Redo! Redo!

Haha last night was a trip! I had to make all of these Jimmy Buffett signs to hang at my dads 50th (which is tonight... YES!) and I had told my mom that I was going to make a cake. If y'all didn't know I used to be this pretty sweet cake decorator at Walmart a few years ago. I learned how to ice a mean cake and how to make roses, write pretty- all that fun stuff. So at most functions I get designated to make the cake. Now, at good ol' Walmart we didn't learn how to BAKE the cakes- just decorate them. But the box directions are easy enough and usually I can manage to make a good looking and tasting cake. However, last night, it was a complete disaster.

I asked Ryan to stay up with me and help me. Hmmm.... Ryan is like a bear in hibernation or something- except his hibernating doesn't come in seasons... its here all the time. It is so hard to get that guy to stay awake at night! He falls asleep in the middle of conversations, in the shower, and of course watching movies. Its probably my biggest pet peeve about him- (well no, maybe not... I do have another pretty giant pet peeve... but I'm going to leave that alone for now... I got in trouble last time it was brought up :) haha) Anyways, to make a really long story semi-short, he agreed to stay up and help me.
We put the baby down around 9:45ish and all was quiet in the house... really bizarre! Because usually when Maeve goes to sleep we're asleep seconds after! Ryan said he needed to drink something to stay awake (even though we were going to be in the kitchen cooking and it was a whole, whopping 10 o'clock.). We were out of pop, so the next best thing we could think of was opening this bottle of white wine that we got as a gift a few weeks ago. I am not a fan of white wine, I tend to go more for the reds... but I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was, so I drank it... go figure! Well we were sippin' and cookin' and I thought this was just the grandest time. I was pouring cake batter with one hand and drinking my wine with the other, I had my love right beside me licking the batter off the beaters- it was picture perfect!
I put the pans in the oven to bake and we sat down to wait... not 5 minutes after they were in the oven did it start to smell like smoke. Genius me had over filled the cake pans- not by just a little- but by a LOT. DARN that wine does something to your depth perception, I swear!!!! Anyways, our whole kitchen and oven were smoking and it eventually filled the whole house... we were running around like crazy cats opening windows and fanning the flames. For some unknown reason (the wine might know) we kept cooking the cakes... so the smoke just kept coming and coming. It was horrible!!!! When the timer went off, I think I was still expecting that somehow my cakes were alive and edible but they were SO NOT. It looked like a movie- they were charcoaled and cracking and smoking. BLAH!!!!
Well after the whole cake fiasco and after some of the buzz died down from the wine I started to think "Dang- I still have to make my dad a cake!" So Ryan and I thought up this idea to go to Walmart and ask just for a plain sheet cake- then I would just decorate it... :) Awesome idea! Well we got in SUCH a laughing jack about it because we were playing these scenarios out in our heads of me going and asking for plain cake and the clerk saying they don't sell it that way. Then I would say well I want to place a special order then: "Can I get a cake with no icing?" HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA !!!!!! We were cracking ourselves the heck up!!!!!! I know it really isn't that funny... it had to have been that wine. I fell asleep smiling :)

This morning I woke up remembering immediately that I still had this obligation to make a cake. So I packed Maeve up and off to Walmart we went. I went up to the bakery counter and asked "Can I just purchase a plain sheet cake?" And the woman actually said NO. So then I came back with my line "Well then can I put a special order in? I want a 1/4 sheet cake with no icing." Except the entire time I was trying to say it, I was practically dying from holding in my laughs :) And then the woman said "okay and charged me for a 1/4 sheet cake- like she had decorated it." I was a complete laughing disaster. It was so awkward. And I felt really bad for this woman- I wanted to tell her it was this joke that my buzzed husband and I came up with last night. But instead I just thanked her and laughed my butt out of the store.

Wooooh!! What a story!
The End :)


Barney Family said...

OMG! hahaha that is one crazy, funny story!!!

Kase and Jules said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

Allison & Robert said...

HAHAHAH What a night!!! and morning!! Sometimes we have to learn the long,complicated and more expensive way that something is just not meant to be!!!! LOL
Can't wait to see you guys tonight!!