Monday, June 9, 2008

The House

Ahhh our pride and joy (well besides Maeve of course!) As soon as we found out we were preggo, I started complaining about how hell would have to freeze over before I brought my baby back to such a ghetto apartment. It reeked like urine, had cracks in the walls and I was sick and tired of hearing my neighbors conversations. SO, my dad just happens to be a builder/contractor... we started just throwing out ideas about him building a house for us. He was totally into it and started hunting down properties that would work for our budget. It turned out that the best property we could find just happened to be in his neighborhood (not where he lives but where he builds all his houses). So we began on what seemed like a years worth of paperwork and pretty soon, we had a hole. Yes, a big basement hole. I remember walking over to it while it was being built and thinking "WOW, we OWN this hole!" My dad and my husband worked so, SO hard on getting the house built. I totally underestimated them both! The goal was to be moved in by the time our little bug a boo arrived and we started the house in June- that gave us FOUR months! Not that long at all to build a whole stinkin' house! But they did it! And we were moved in by the first week in October. To me, it is the best house in the whole world! It was built by the two men in my life- my dad and my husband. It is the perfect space for us... and I have so much pride every time I pull up in the drive way! I still have to pinch myself- I can't get over that we own a house!!!!!!!

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